As individuals age, many things start to change in their bodies. Old age influences everyone, and one of the first places that people observe these changes is with their hair. As we age, the cells in our body begin to wear out and don’t work like they used to in years past. Grey hair takes place in both males and females and is one of the most evident indicators of aging.

Grey hair happens when melanocytes age and lose essential enzymes that produce melanin. Melanin is found in hair follicles and gives each strand its color. As we age, this enzyme naturally starts to decrease until it’s no longer produced, which transforms the hair from its original color to a gray or white color. Men are more susceptible to gray hair then women. Early in the graying process, people can lose their gray hair as it naturally falls out and is replaced by pigmented hair. Regrettably, this isn’t really true for all people, and the only way to alter the color is color the hair with products like hair dye.

Old age doesn’t stop messing with your hair there. Hair loss takes place in both males and females and can begin as early as adolescence. While baldness is a permanent condition, there are other choices for people to alter their hair loss problems to make their hair look fuller and thicker.

Hair transplants for men is one procedure that men can do to gain the confidence back and feel outstanding about their hairline. Male pattern hair loss can start in many areas of the head. Some men struggle with a receding hairline. Others deal with a bald spot that begins around a cowlick in the back of the head and spreads forward. And some men experience a combination of baldness that begins in both the front and top of the head.

Men’s hair transplant surgery is a easy procedure. The client is awake and the procedure is basically painless. The patient receives local injections of anesthesia, which can seem like small pin pricks. Since the patient isn’t really going through any invasive surgery they are free to return back to work the next day— it is the least intrusive procedure of its kind. Hair is harvested from other sections of the head where hair is plentiful and is genetically programmed to remain attached to the scalp.

After undergoing a hair transplant for men, patients can see and feel a significant difference in their hair and hairline. Each procedure lasts between three to eight hours depending on how much hair needs to be replaced. For bigger areas, some clients require a second visit to ensure that the area is totally filled in. The cost of hair transplant for men is minor compared against the years of confidence that patients experience after getting the procedure.

As a result of its efficacy, males and females that are dealing with hair loss and pattern baldness should consider undergoing a hair transplant treatment. A total of 56 million people in the United States alone deal with baldness. Regain your confidence, look young again, and get your hair back!

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